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Dichloromethane for Pharmaceutical Intermediates Un1593 CAS75-09-2

Product Name: Dichloromethane(DCM),Methylene Chloride(MC)
Synonyms: F30;F30(chlorocarbon);Freon 30;Freon30;HCC30;Khladon30;M-clean D;Metaclen
CAS: 75-09-2
MF: CH2Cl2
MW: 84.93
EINECS: 200-838-9
  • 99.9%

  • zoomri


Dichloromethane Chemical Basic Information

Dichloromethane's volatility and ability to dissolve a wide range of organic compounds makes it a useful solvent for many chemical processes.

Product Description:

Dichloromethane - CAS 75-09-2, Pharmaceutical Intermediates Raw Material

Dichloromethane, also known as methylene chloride, is a chemical compound with the CAS number 75-09-2. It is widely used as a raw material in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, offering exceptional properties for this specific application.

CAS 75-09-2:

Our Dichloromethane is identified by its CAS number 75-09-2, ensuring its purity and quality for use in pharmaceutical applications.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Raw Material:

Our product serves as a crucial raw material in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, contributing to the development of various pharmaceutical compounds.

1. Solvent: Dichloromethane acts as a versatile solvent in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates. It possesses excellent solubility properties, allowing for efficient extraction, separation, and purification of desired compounds during the manufacturing process.

2. Reaction Medium: Our product serves as a reaction medium in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates. It provides an ideal environment for chemical reactions, facilitating the formation of desired compounds with high yields and purity.

3. Extraction Agent: Dichloromethane is utilized as an extraction agent in the isolation of specific compounds from complex mixtures. Its selective solubility properties enable the extraction of target molecules, contributing to the production of high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates.

4. Stability and Compatibility: Our product exhibits stability and compatibility with a wide range of pharmaceutical compounds and reaction conditions. It ensures the integrity and efficacy of the intermediates, maintaining their desired properties throughout the manufacturing process.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Our Dichloromethane complies with the necessary regulatory standards and guidelines for pharmaceutical applications. It meets the stringent requirements for purity, ensuring the safety and quality of the pharmaceutical intermediates produced.

In conclusion, our Dichloromethane, with its CAS number 75-09-2, serves as a reliable and essential raw material in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates. Trust our product for its excellent solvent properties, compatibility, stability, and regulatory compliance. With its exceptional qualities, it contributes to the development of high-quality pharmaceutical compounds, supporting advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dichloromethane FAQ:

Q1. What is Dichloromethane?
A1. Dichloromethane, also known as methylene chloride (CH2Cl2), is a colorless and volatile liquid. It is commonly used as a solvent in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, paints and coatings, adhesives, and chemical manufacturing.

Q2. What are the main applications of Dichloromethane?
A2. Dichloromethane has a wide range of applications. It is primarily used as a solvent in processes such as extraction, degreasing, and cleaning. It is also utilized as a paint stripper, a blowing agent in polyurethane foams, and an ingredient in pharmaceutical formulations.

Q3. Is Dichloromethane hazardous?
A3. Yes, Dichloromethane is considered hazardous. It is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC) and has been associated with certain health risks. Inhalation or prolonged exposure to high concentrations of Dichloromethane may cause respiratory irritation, dizziness, nausea, and in extreme cases, it can affect the central nervous system.

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