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Why Polmer Anionic Polyacrylamide Can Be Used for Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Polyacrylamide can not only be used to treat papermaking, textiles, and industrial wastewater, but is also widely used in smelting and oil exploration. Domestic use of anionic polyacrylamide with a molecular weight of 18 million for oil extraction accounts for 70%, while use of polyacrylamide for sewage treatment only accounts for about 30%.

The use of polyacrylamide in the oil extraction process can reduce equipment wear, reduce drill sticking accidents during brick drilling, and lubricate drill bits; it can prevent collapse and well leakage, thereby increasing the drilling speed. Why is polyacrylamide used in the oil extraction process?

The answer is that there will be water problems in oil fields during oil exploration. Polyacrylamide, as a water-soluble polymer, can be used as a water-blocking material. Due to the heterogeneity of the formation, water problems often occur, requiring us to plug the water. To fundamentally solve the problem, it is necessary to change the seepage problem of water in the formation, thereby achieving the fundamental purpose of reducing water production in the oil field and improving the ultimate recovery rate of the oil field. Polyacrylamide polymers have the characteristics of selective permeability to water and oil, and the permeability to water is low and can exceed the permeability to oil; the above-mentioned good water-blocking effect is not available in other water-blocking agents, and later through actual practice Choose the appropriate molecular weight of polyacrylamide according to the situation. So it can improve oil recovery. It can adjust the fluidity of water and improve the frequency and frequency of water displacing waves, thereby reducing water permeability and allowing oil and water to move forward evenly.

This is why polyacrylamide can improve oil recovery. Excellent polyacrylamide can often better help us improve economic returns. Good quality products can create good profits and reduce costs.

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