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Fiber Bonding Dispersing Agent Polyacrylamide for Paper&Pulp Industry

Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) is a linear polymer compound, because it has a variety of active groups, can be affinity with many substances, adsorption to form hydrogen bonds. It is mainly flocculated negatively charged colloid, with turbidity removal, decolorization, adsorption, bonding and other functions, suitable for dyeing, paper making, food, construction, metallurgy, mineral processing, coal powder, oil fields, aquatic processing and fermentation industries with high organic colloid content of wastewater treatment, especially suitable for urban sewage, urban sludge, paper sludge and other industrial sludge dewatering treatment.

Polyacrylamide Names and Identifiers


Acrylamide resin
anionic polyacrylamide
Cationic Polyacrylamide
Acrylamide gel solution
non-ionic polyacrylamide
yacrylamide dry powder,non-ionic
Polyacrylamide dry powder,cationic



Product Description:

Polyacrylamide - Fiber Bonding and Dispersing Agent for the Paper & Pulp Industry

Polyacrylamide is a highly versatile chemical compound widely used in the paper and pulp industry as a fiber bonding and dispersing agent. With its exceptional properties, it has become a trusted solution in various processes within this industry.

Fiber Bonding Agent:

Our Polyacrylamide plays a crucial role in enhancing fiber bonding in the paper and pulp manufacturing processes, offering multiple benefits for different applications.

1. Paper Production: Our product improves the bonding between fibers during the papermaking process, resulting in stronger and more durable paper products. It enhances the formation of hydrogen bonds between fibers, improving paper strength, tear resistance, and printability.

2. Paper Recycling: Polyacrylamide aids in the fiber bonding process during paper recycling. It helps to strengthen the recycled fibers, allowing for the production of high-quality recycled paper products. This promotes sustainability by reducing the need for virgin fibers and minimizing waste.

Dispersing Agent:

Our Polyacrylamide is widely used as a dispersing agent in the paper and pulp industry, offering effective solutions in various applications.

1. Pigment Dispersion: Our product aids in the dispersion of pigments in paper coatings, ensuring uniform color distribution and improved print quality. It helps to prevent pigment agglomeration, resulting in vibrant and consistent coloration of paper products.

2. Filler Dispersion: Polyacrylamide assists in the dispersion of fillers, such as calcium carbonate or kaolin, in papermaking. It ensures the even distribution of fillers within the paper matrix, enhancing paper properties such as opacity, brightness, and smoothness.

3. Retention Aid: Our product acts as a retention aid, improving the retention of fine particles and fibers during the papermaking process. It helps to reduce fiber and filler losses, resulting in improved paper machine efficiency, reduced costs, and minimized environmental impact.

Zoomri Polyacrylamide, with its effectiveness as a fiber bonding and dispersing agent, is a reliable and versatile solution for the paper and pulp industry. Trust our product for its ability to enhance fiber bonding, aid in pigment and filler dispersion, and act as a retention aid. With its exceptional properties and reliable performance, it is an essential component in improving paper quality, promoting recycling, and achieving desired outcomes in the paper and pulp manufacturing processes.

Cationic Polyacrylamide
C600589% MIN2.0-9.00.75-1.01000-12005%

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