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Anhydrous Powerful Ferric Chloride in Chemical Industry

Iron(III) chloride - Physico-chemical Properties
Molecular Formula:Fecl3

Molar Mass:162.2

Density:2,804 g/cm3

Melting Point:304°C(lit.)

Boling Point:316 °C

Flash Point:316°C

Water Solubility:920 g/L (20 ºC)

Solubility:H2O: soluble

Vapor Presure:1 mm Hg ( 194 °C)

Vapor Density:5.61 (vs air)


Specific Gravity:2.804


Exposure Limit:ACGIH: TWA 1 mg/m3NIOSH: TWA 1 mg/m3


PH:1 (200g/l, H2O, 20℃)

Storage Condition:Store below +30°C.

Stability:Stable. Very sensitive to moisture. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents; forms explosive mixtures with sodium, potassium. Hygroscopic.


Refractive Index:n20/D1.414

Physical and Chemical Properties:Character black-brown hexagonal crystal. In the transmission of light in the pomegranate red, reflected light under the metal Green.
melting point 306 ℃
relative density 2.898

Iron(III) chloride - Names and Identifiers

Name:Iron(III) chloride

Flores martis
Ferric chloride
iron trichloride
Ferric trichloride
Iron(III) chloride
Iron chloride (FeCl3)
Iron chloride (Fe2Cl3)
ferric chloride anhydrous
Ferric chloride, anhydrous
Iron (III) chloride anhydrous
Ferric Chloride Manufacturer
Ferric chloride test solution(ChP)





Ferric Chloride 99% MIN
FeCl3 96 MIN 99.40% GB/T 1621-2008
FeCl2 2% MAX 0.20% GB/T 1621-2008
INSOLUBLE 1.5% MAX 0.25% GB/T 1621-2008

Anhydrous ferric chloride is used in water purifying agent, mordant of printing and dyeing, corrosive agent in printing and plate making, and can also be used in the chemical industry to manufacture other iron salts, and to process soap to extract crude glycerin, etc. Its application examples are as follows:

1) Preparation of dopamine-grafted epoxidized nitrile rubber with high strength and good reproducibility. In terms of mass fraction, its raw material composition formula is: in mass parts, its raw material component composition is: 100 parts of nitrile latex, 3-500 parts of epoxy oxidant, 1-25 parts of dopamine, 0.1-5 parts of anhydrous trichloro iron oxide; the epoxidizing agent is hydrogen peroxide or molybdenum trioxide; during preparation, the nitrile rubber is first epoxidized to obtain epoxidized nitrile rubber, and dopamine is added for grafting reaction, and after the reaction is completed, add Anhydrous ferric chloride, dry mixing, hot pressing to obtain dopamine grafted epoxidized nitrile rubber. The modified nitrile rubber prepared by the invention has high strength and good repeatable processability without filler reinforcement.

2) Preparation of carbon nanotubes. Mix sucrose, melamine, anhydrous ferric chloride and distilled water and grind into a uniform mixture. Dry the above mixture at 80 degrees Celsius for 12 hours to obtain a brown solid, which is ground into a powder and transferred to a high-temperature tube furnace. Heated to 650-800 degrees Celsius in nitrogen, and maintained at 650-800 degrees Celsius for 4 hours to obtain a black solid; the synthesis process is simple, the equipment is simple, easy to operate, and the raw material is renewable and cheap biomass resources. The obtained nanotubes The output of the product is high and the shape is uniform. The obtained nanotube has a length of 2-10 microns and a tube diameter of 100-400 nanometers. The preparation process of the carbon nanotube disclosed by the invention is simple, safe, low-cost, easy to operate and controllable.

3) Prepare a sewage treatment agent for coating production, raw materials include 15-20 parts by weight of bamboo charcoal, 20-30 parts of modified diatom mud, 30-50 parts of activated carbon, polyhydric aluminum chloride 3-5 parts of silicon, 3-5 parts of anhydrous ferric chloride, 3-5 parts of hydroxyphenyl starch, 1-3 parts of magnesium sulfate, 3-5 parts of organic silicone oil, 2-3 parts of chitosan, modified 25-35 parts of bentonite. The preparation method includes: S1, mixing modified bentonite and modified diatom mud with water; S2, stirring and dispersing the mixed slurry; S3, mixing bamboo charcoal, activated carbon, polyhydroxyaluminum silicon chloride, anhydrous Ferric chloride and hydroxyphenyl starch are mixed and stirred, the stirring speed is 100-200r/min, and the stirring temperature is 10-12 degrees Celsius; S4, adding magnesium sulfate, organic silicon oil, and chitosan to continue mixing and stirring, the stirring speed is 400 -500r/min, the temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius; S5, microencapsulate the mixture after standing, and then dry under low temperature and high humidity. The invention can treat the sewage generated in the process of coating production.

Ferric Chloride 99% MIN
FeCl396 MIN99.40%GB/T 1621-2008
FeCl22% MAX0.20%GB/T 1621-2008
INSOLUBLE1.5% MAX0.25%GB/T 1621-2008

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